Supply Chain & Chartering Manager

We’re recruiting ‘Supply Chain & Chartering Manager’ for one of our client.

Our client is in the agricultural commodities sector based in and out of UAE.


Job Description:

In this role, you will be responsible to process and manages various international supply chains of bulk and liquid agricultural commodities using sea, river and other modes of transportation. Manages supply chain risks and proposes solutions to mitigate them.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Charters dry/bulk carriers and product tankers for international shipping for bulk/packaged agricultural commodities (grain, oilseeds, feed grains) and bulk vegetable/tropical oils.
  • Organizes and controls execution of charter parties contracts for transshipment (hereinafter referred to as contracts).
  • Performs reliability check of shipowners, ship brokers and other counterparties.
  • Coordinates and signs Charter Parties.
  • Interacts with parties involved in Charter-Parеy execution: surveyors, agents, customs services, port terminals, banks, insurance companies, government services, freight brokers and agents, ship owners, etc.
  • Monitors the timely arrival and docking of the vessel at ports of loading and discharging, plus during transit of the vessel.
  • Organizes and controls the implementation of contracts for the purchase and sale of vegetable oils and grain crops (hereinafter – contract).
  • Adds new counterparties to the Company’s Client base (within the framework of contract execution).
  • Organizes the production of necessary documentation for shipments of goods according to Incoterms terms.
  • Interacts with parties involved in the execution of contracts: sellers, buyers, surveyors, agents, expeditors, customs services, banks, insurance companies, state services, commodity brokers, transport companies.
  • Prepares, negotiates and signs contracts, specifications, additional agreements, special contracts within the framework of foreign economic activity with counterparties on optimal conditions for the company.
  • Manages supply chain risks and proposes solutions to mitigate them.



  • Experience: Minimum of 5 years experience and relevant track record of working in a chartering field or supply chain.
  • Must be *Russian speakers and fluent in English.



  • Competitive Salary as current market
  • Other employee benefits as per law


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