Top 7 Best Home Based Business Ideas in Dubai

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Dubai is a grounded destination for business investors to step forward. Over the years, Dubai has become one of the most significant places to set up Business. From broad diversity in population to a flourishing economy, Dubai is a city of opportunities to large and mid size investors.

One of the attractions to set up business in Dubai is its tax regime that pushes the business people to move forward. Nowadays it is easier to set up a company in Dubai as the Government of Dubai has liberated the rules. Usually, when we think about starting a business, we think about major things like owning an office, managing employees, and investing. However, due to Covid, there is a rise in home-based businesses.

Why set up a business in Dubai?

Dubai is a big economical capital of the Middle East. Dubai has a prosperous commercial and market leader, as it has a well-connected transport system, with no taxes, and a stable financial sector.

Home-based business setup and demand for home business licenses in Dubai are expanding nowadays. As the UAE residency reforms are green visa and freelancer visa schemes, which allow foreigners to work without corporate sponsorship and can support their parents and children up to the age of 25.

Home-Based vs Brick-and-Mortar business in Dubai:

Running a Home-Based Small Business allows you more versatility over a regular job, you can have a flexible work-life balance, which is perfect when you’re a parent, It’s less stressful to shuffle between the challenges of work and family when setting your own deadlines. A home-Based business is more feasible than a brick and mortar business and you have a lot of tax advantages over a Brick-and-mortar business.

There are many successful home-based business ideas in Dubai, that could mark the entrepreneur inside you.

Top 7 Best Home Based Business Ideas:

1) Art and Craft Making Profitable Business

Handmade products are a flourishing sector in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi in recent years. The Small Business Community in Dubai is a booming group when it comes to starting an Arts and crafts Business. Hand-made products are a great home-based business idea for women, you can sell handmade artistic products like paintings, decoupage bottles, tissue holders, photo frames, etc, you can even sell woodwork and pottery.  To sell any craft or artistic products in Dubai, you need a license, and an e-commerce license is the easiest and cheapest option available.

2) Digital Marketing Agency

There has been a rise in online marketing in recent times, due to Covid. Website development and online marketing is a business that you can start from your home with minimum investment. Web design agencies are in demand today to help small and medium businesses. Many startups and small-scale businesses are looking to advertise and set up their business online. So it is ideal to set up a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai.

3) Drop-Shipping Solutions

In Dubai, there has been an increasing demand for online shopping, so drop Shipping has seen a rise in popularity in recent past years. Dropshipping is where you buy a product from a third-party company to ship it directly to the customer. Make sure you find a supplier who can be trusted to deliver a persistent customer experience.

4) Jewellery Designing Skills

Dubai is the gold harbor of the world.  It is the moderator of the UAE jewelry market as travelers find it reasonable. So, Jewellery Designing is the perfect business plan to get a Home-based business license in UAE. Although Jewellery design is not for everyone unless you have a lot of creativity and an eye for identifying the right gemstone.

5) Skill Based Businesses

The requirement of technicians for maintenance and other facilities at home or offices is on the rise. If you see yourself as a jack of all trades and do many of the handyman services, then this is the path to your success. With the rise of foreigners and the busy lives of people in Dubai, it is the perfect time to start a handyman service.

6) Freelance Services Provider

Freelancing is particularly one of the fastest, most affordable, and easiest ways to start a home-based business. If you have the knowledge and experience in a particular field. According to the reformed laws freelancers can legally live and work in Dubai, but you will have to apply for a freelancer resident.

7) Online Teaching Instructor

Teaching Online is one of the most profitable home-based Online Business Ideas. To teach online all you need is a room. You can start your own business in Dubai by building a website and teaching them there. You have to look out for students through online platforms. Anyone can set up an online teaching class in Dubai.

Why Should You Choose Decision Management Consultants?

DMC helps you set up a home-based business in the UAE. We have skilled and knowledgeable experts who will guide you through the process of setting up your business and help you acquire the required license to set up your business. To know more, contact us today. We will be delighted to assist you!

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